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McCain Discontent Poll Results
Is conservative discontent really a problem?

Poll closed February 25, 2008
Target Sample: 500 votes
Actual Sample: 502 votes
Time Period: 6.5 days

Due to apparent large-scale conservative disaffection with John McCain, we decided to see just what this means, by asking our mostly conservative readers how they intend to vote, now that John McCain has the GOP nomination virtually cinched. If you want to see the original poll page and our descriptions, just click here.

We believe that this is a good site for such a poll for two very good reasons. 1) Our visitor base is almost all very conservative. While we get lots of feedback, rarely do we get any from someone espousing a liberal or even moderate point of view. 2) We did not advertise this poll widely, which probably explains the relatively low number of votes (most of our advertised polls have far more voters). In fact, we went to great effort to make sure that its existence only reached conservatives. We emailed only those folks on our list, who we had flagged as conservative, based upon their feedback comments. Furthermore, we asked them to be careful to only notify conservatives on their lists and to not post it to public forums.

In other words, we feel rather comfortable in concluding that the vast majority of those voting in this poll were conservative. We know that a few liberals might have strayed across it, but because of the sampling size, we feel that their effect should be minimal.

In order to get a larger sampling and hopefully, more accurate results, we left the poll open for several days, until the total number of votes reached 500. It actually reached 502, before we were able to make the changes to the server, to shut it down.


The final results certainly don't paint a rosy picture for John McCain or the GOP, in the November general election. In fact, they seem to indicate that conservatives are determined to take back their party, the only way they can, under the existing conditions and that is to make sure that we don't elect another RINO to the Whitehouse, even if it means sitting out the presidential race or worse yet, voting for Hillary. They appear to know that McCain will split the party and destroy what little is left of the GOP, so they are voting (or not voting) to save the party.

Even considering that this is not a scientific poll, we feel that we did enough to limit knowledge of this poll to only conservatives that even if a few liberals did vote in it, no amount of liberal bias can make up for the significant number of voters who will sit out the race, vote 3rd party or even vote Democrat. Look at the results. Cut the numbers in half, if you don't like them. Hey! Cut them by 75% or even more. The obvious fact is that there are more than a few dedicated conservatives out there, who just will not vote for John McCain, at any cost.

The end result is that even if these poll numbers are off by a whopping 90%, McCain still loses. That's because most presidential races are won or lost by only a few percentage points and just 10% of those who will either not vote, go third party or even vote Democrat amounts to more than that few percentage points.

If John McCain can't do some serious - and by that, I mean large-scale - fence mending, before the general election, he could be facing the worst defeat in history.

We asked our readers,

"If John McCain is the GOP nominee for president, how will you vote in the general election?"

Here are the final results:

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