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Hollywood Anti-Americans
Lest We Forget...

April 25, 2003
by John Gaver


We all know that a number of the so-called "Hollywood Left" have done their best to undermine the efforts of the US, to bring down Saddam Hussein, free 28 million Iraqi people and eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.  But this is not just another piece of information to file away.  We at Action America, encourage our readers to remember the actions of those anti-American dilettantes every single day.

Let me be clear.  These unworthies of whom I speak, have every right to say the terrible things that they said about the United States and the President and to idolize the likes of Saddam Hussein.  This is, after all, America and that is their Constitutional right.  Similarly, we, as patriotic Americans, also have the right to choose not to patronize their works, not to buy from those who they might advertise for and not buy from those who advertise on programs that they are affiliated with.  But, I truly hope that the day never comes when they would be held accountable in a court of law for any such foolish statements.

In fact, as long as the United States remains free, the only court where anti-American liberals will ever be held to account for what they say, is in the court of public opinion.  The reason that those anti-American, Hollywood liberals are so irked at the true patriots who are holding them to account, is because in the court of public opinion, there is no appeals court.  So, they cry foul and whine that patriots are trying to deny them their freedom of speech.  Of course, that couldn't be further from the truth.

They remain free to express their disdain for the country that made their success possible.  No true patriot would deny them that.  They just need to understand that every time you open your mouth, you risk offending someone and, if so, that someone just may decide to change the way he deals with you.  That's not law.  It's human nature.  So, the Hollywood left shouldn't be surprised that their recent anti-American rhetoric, being patently offensive to every patriotic American who has ever lived, is causing patriots everywhere to respond accordingly.

Even so, those Hollywood Anti-Americans remain free to deride the United States, whenever they want.  If their popularity and income drops, it is not because they are denied their freedom of speech, but in fact, because they have freedom of speech and simply chose to use it in such a way as to offend their patriotic fans.

We, at Action America urge our readers to never forget, not only the anti-American rhetoric spouted by those Hollywood dilettantes, but exactly who those Anti-Americans are and to adjust your buying and viewing habits as you see fit.  To help you in this matter, we supply the following partial list of Anti-Americans in Hollywood.  I know that this list is not complete.  These are just the real stinkers.  For a more complete list of Hollywood Anti-Americans, lesser Hollywood liberals and just plain Hollywood idiots, we urge you to check out Hollywood Halfwits (now a part of RightNation).  That site tracks the Hollywood left and documents their inane statements.  They also have a section that lists the right thinking celebrities.

Never Forget...

We hope that you will bookmark this page or that of Hollywood Halfwits and refer to these pages in the future, before selecting a movie to attend, buying those concert tickets or making that next trip to the video store.  It isn't enough to avoid their products for a few weeks, while it's in the news.  If that's all that we do, then the Anti-Americans win.  Patriots must send a loud and clear message to the Hollywood Left, that reverberates far into the future, "Run down our country and we stop buying your products... forever."

This means, not just avoiding the movies and concerts of the Anti-Americans, but it also means avoiding the products that they may advertise and avoiding the products of companies that advertise on programs that feature them.  It means doing this not only today, but tomorrow, next week and next year.  It means that we should never forget.

In our list, I have tried to include only those of the Hollywood left, who have crossed the line to Anti-American.  Those whose statements are simply anti-Bush or anti-Republican or those who are just plain ignorant, but are not Anti-American, are not included in this list.  Well,... there is one.  Even though I have not actually heard Barbra Streisand cross that fine line, she is such a consummate idiot and mindless mouthpiece for the left, that I felt it necessary to include her, for good measure.

Anti-Americans in Hollywood

• Susan Sarandon • The Dixie Chicks (Natalie Maines)
• Tim Robbins (Mr. Susan Sarandon) • Michael Moore
• Janeane Garofalo • Martin Sheen
• Robert Altman • Alec Baldwin
• Sean Penn • Jessica Lange
• Ed Asner • Danny Glover
• Chrissie Hynde • Madonna
• Heath Ledger • Woody Harrelson
• George Carlin • Richard Gere
• Harry Belafonte • Jane Fonda
• Bruce Springsteen • Barbra Streisand

Note: Bruce Springsteen was a late addition to this list, after he voiced his strong support for the Dixie Chicks.

Copyright 2003 John Gaver
All rights reserved


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