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The purpose of Action America is to provide uncommon conservative insight into the political issues of the day, always with an eye on the "original intent" of the Constitution in mind. We used to refer to ourselves as conservative/libertarian. However, many big-L Libertarians and many in the Republican Liberty Caucus seem to have jumped on the "Blame America First" bandwagon, so although we do support original intent constitutionalism, we now find it necessary to distance ourselves from those people, to avoid being dismissed, as just more libertarian kooks, by association.

It should be obvious to even the most casual observer, that the rights and privileges, guaranteed the People under the Constitution, are being systematically eroded by special interest groups, including the most powerful special interest group — Our Own Elected Officials.  There is not a soul who pays taxes who is not afraid of the "not to be sufficiently damned IRS."  We have all seen the abuses of agencies like the BATF in places like Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Even with all of that, there is a sizable gap in the political information arena.  It is the intention of Action America to fill a substantial part of that gap with pertinent, but rarely publicized information and solid logic that is not easily found elsewhere, if at all.

Action America does not intend to simply repeat the news and arguments that so many others have already put forward.  Rather, we will suplement that information with news that often goes unreported and provide valuable insight into the underlying dangers surrounding that news.  Other times, we will just present a different way to look at the facts.  But in all cases, we will expose the threats posed to our Constitution, our freedom and our country, especially when that threat is from those within our own government.

Action America is dedicated to the principles put forward by our founding fathers.  We believe that a tax based on income is a ticking time bomb for the American economy.  We support the repeal of all gun control laws, including the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, and further support the abolition of the BATF.  Although we understand the importance of free trade, we see the trend toward globalism as a severe threat to our sovereignty and our Constitutional rights.  We seek to expose all attempts to subvert any part of our Constitution and call upon all Americans to demand of our elected leaders in BOTH parties, to stop ignoring the Constitution or be voted out of office.

We hope to provide good information, stimulating commentary, and possibly, some solutions along the way.  Sometimes, we will present a hypothetical solution that has little chance of success, just for the purpose of stimulating thought.  And to keep it from getting to dry, we also provide occasional pieces of satire and original political cartoons.  But our intent is to encourage our readers to take Action and get involved and, at the risk of using an overused cliche, "think outside the box."

Action America is a public service of

Thank you for visiting Action America.  We hope that you enjoy our site and come back often.


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