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Selected Non-Political Quotations (Observations, Bloopers & Other Fun Stuff)

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."   — Murphy
"Murphy was an optimist."   — O'Toole

"The object of life should NOT be to arrive safely and quietly at the grave, in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways into the grave, champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, and screaming, 'Yeee Haaaa! What a ride!' "

"Stupidity got us here, it can get us out."   — Will Rogers

"Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after me."

"Power corrupts.  But, absolute power would be kinda neat."

"What happens if you get scared half to death... twice?"

"You're only young once.  But, you can be immature forever."

"A leopard never changes his stripes."   — Al Gore

"Whoever dies with the most toys wins!"

"Beauty is only skin deep.  Ugly, on the other hand, goes clean to the bone."

"Never test for an error condition you can't solve."

"Yield to temptation; it may not pass your way again."

"The meek shall inherit the Earth.  The rest of us will escape to THE STARS!"

"186,000 miles per second - It's not just a good idea - It's the law."

"Wherever you go, there you are." — Buckarro Banzai


More to come...