Action America has acquired a copies of two Democrat proposals for a Palm Beach County, Florida electronic ballot, for 2004. The Democrats also recommend putting it in other areas where Democrat voting strength is marginal or anywhere that voter intelligence is far below average. We, at Action America, believe these ballots to be at least as authentic as the Killian Air National Guard memos, publicized by Dan Rather and CBS. We present here, the "Simplified Palm Beach Ballot", for your enlightenment. After voting, be sure and check out the "Guided Palm Beach Ballot".

Palm Beach Florida
Democrat Approved Simplified
Electronic Presidential Ballot 2004

>>>>> (Requires Javascipt) <<<<<
Click the button next to the candidate of your choice.
(You may also write-in a candidate in the empty field.)


Copyleft Action America
Permission fo redistribute this ballot is granted provided that the Copyleft
statement, including link to and this footer are included.

Try Our Alternate Guided Electronic Palm Beach County Ballot.

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