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Clinton/Soros Approved
Electronic Ballots Revealed

Action America has acquired a computerized version of an electronic ballot that the Clinton campaign has tried to deploy in several states. These ballots appear to have been developed in association with and approved by Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Our anonymous inside sources tell us that the Democrat Party is attempting to place these ballots in areas where they believe voter intelligence to be far below average, so as to counter the effect of the many Democrats that are expected to vote for Donald Trump, this year.

When questioned about this ballot, a seemingly nervous un-named spokesman told us, "This electronic ballot uses sophisticated artificial intelligence software to determine how the voter really intended to vote, in order to insure that voters don't accidentally vote for the wrong candidate."

We, at Allegiance Books, believe these ballots to be at least as authentic as the certificate of live birth, provided by the White House, as evidence of Obama's natural citizenship in the USA or Hillary's sworn testimony regarding what was on her private, unauthorized email server. We therefore present for your enlightenment, the "Clinton/Soros Approved Simplified 2016 Ballot"

See it work, below.


(Clinton/Soros Approved Presidential Ballot 2016)

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(You may also write-in a candidate in the empty field.)




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