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Saddam's Dream

It has only recently been revealed that Pesident Bush received a call from Saddam Hussein, in his prison cell, shortly after the verdict was read.

Saddam said to Dubya, "I had a dream last night and I had to call to tell you about it."

"OK, Saddam", said Dubya, "tell me about your dream."

"Well", said Saddam, "I dreamed that I could see all of the United States and everywhere that I looked - in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or anywhere - every house had a big banner on it.

"OK, I'll bite", said Dubya.  "What did the banners say?"

Saddam announced, "Every banner said, 'Long Live Saddam Hussein!' "

"That's interesting", said Dubya.  "I had a similar dream last night."

Saddam asked, "What was your dream?"

Dubya replied, "I dreamed that I could see all of Baghdad and it was very beautiful.  Everything had been rebuilt and looked shiny and new.  The roads were well paved and there were lots of big cars.  The people all looked prosperous and were smiling and there were banners on every house and building."

Saddam asked, "What did the banners say?"

"I'm damned if I know", replied Dubya.  "I can't read Hebrew."