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The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  Beyond this Second Amendment guarantee, we will also show you that an armed society is a much safer society.

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Gun Self-Defense Counter Web Widget

After producing the Gun Self-Defense Counter widget for Macintosh Dashboard, we received many requests for a web widget version of the Gun Self Defense Counter. Due partly to unavoidable business considerations and a bit to my own procrastination, it took us a while. But, here it is.

We have added a few more lines to it and it now gives you a comparison. The widget is a live Flash widget that constantly counts the number of times, since the first of the year, that guns have been used in an accidental death, in a homicide and in a suicide and then for comparison, it counts the number of falling deaths, followed finally by the number of times that guns have been used in self-defense.

You can actually watch the Self-Defense Counter portion of the widget climb, since it registers another Gun Self-Defense incident about every 13 seconds. On the other hand, the other counters on the face of the widget, though also live, appear to be static, since they tick over so much more slowly. For example, the Gun Homicide counter only clocks another incident at just over three and a half hours, while the Gun Accident counter only clocks another incident about every 13 hours or 60 times less often than guns used in self-defense.

For more info on the Gun Self Defense Counter web widget and the code to embed it on a web page, just click here.

Attention Macintosh Users

Download Gun Self Defense Counter Widget (Zip)  
Snapshot of Gun Self-Defense Counter

If you use a Macintosh, running OS-X 10.4 or later and carry a gun or just value our Bill of Rights, you might want to download our Gun Self-Defense Counter widget (v3.0). It is the widget form of the counter that appears at the top of this page, just below the menu. Using data from authoritative studies on the use of guns, in self-defense, it counts how many times guns have been used in self-defense, since the beginning of this year.

The current release is 3.0. It incorporates several improvements. If you have an earlier version, then we suggest that you download this release and replace the old one. A new release is planned, that will incorporate the features in our Gun Self-Defense Counter Web Widget.

For more info on this widget and improvements in this version or to download it, just click on the snapshot of the of the widget, above.

Interestingly, less than a week after this widget was released, it has been downloaded more than 500 times, from our site and several other sites that have hosted it. As version 3.0 is being released, we are now aware of more than 5000 downloads of this widget, in it's various versions, from this and other sites. We are pleased that so many patriots find it worth while.

If you are looking for a web widget, to post on your web site or on forum postings, then check out our Gun Self-Defense Counter Web Widget, below.



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