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The following sites are some of the most informative sites on the web.  The people responsible for these sites have placed themselves on the front lines to defend some portion of your liberty.  Please visit their pages and let them know that they are appreciated.

To make it easy to visit these sites one after the other, they will be opened in a separate window. When you finish browsing each site, simply close the window and you will be brought back here for quick access to the other sites. Those pages marked in Bold have very important information on specific subjects.  Those pages marked in Red have critical information of which every American needs to be aware. I have also added links to pages on this site that contain our comments on the subject matter.

If you have a particular interest, just use the subject links below to jump to the section that you are interested in. But, you will find it informative to just scroll the entire list.

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Second Amendment Sites
Tax Reform Sites
Privacy Sites
Tort Reform Sites
Drug Related Sites
Radio Talk Show Sites
Expat and Sovereign Individual Sites
Miscellaneous Sites
Activism Sites

  Second Amendment Sites 
Gun Owners of America
"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." - Hon. Ron Paul
National Rifle AssociationNational Rifle Assoc.
Guardians of the 2nd Amendment
Tons of info on the myths of guns and gun control.
Second Amendment Foundation
Protecting the 2nd Amendment through education and legal action.
Charlton Heston's Yale Speech - 4/16/99
"Truth And Consequences"
Students for Concealed Carry
Student-run organization advocating for legal concealed carry on college campuses.
USA Carry
Open and Concealed Carry Information and Community - Laws by state and which states recognize other states
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
The Common Sense Gun Lobby
Hunter's Shooting Association
Promoting field marksmanship
  Tax Reform Sites 
Americans for Fair Taxation
The Fair Tax: a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach, based upon a revenue neutral National Retail Sales Tax.
National Retail Sales Tax Alliance
This is another site that supports the National Retail Sales Tax.
Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS)
This group supports an alternative and somewhat more complex version of the Nationan Retail Sales Tax than The Fair Tax. Although it has its problems, it is much better than the current system or even the Flat Tax.
  Privacy Sites 
The Echelon Project - since 1947
Who is Spying on you and how they are doing it - READ THIS!!!
Internet Privacy Coalition
Informing you of Internet privacy issues
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Internet, telephone, cell phone and other electronic privacy info

Privacy International
All types of privacy issues in US and abroad

PGP (Public Key Encryption)
This privacy tool is critical.  Learn about and download free PGP encryption software.

The Cloak
This privacy tool is critical.  Browse the Internet without leaving a trail.

The Anonymizer
This privacy tool is critical.  Browse the Internet without leaving a trail.

How to remove spyware for free and which tools to use.
  Tort Reform Sites 
Fully Informed Jury Association
Don't go to jury duty without visiting this site!  (Learn what the judge doesn't want you know.)
Chronicling the high cost of our legal system
Power of Attorneys
Informing the public of the destructive and costly influence of lawsuit abuse in America
Lawsuit Abuse Makes Us Sick
Chronicling America's Health Litigation Emergency
  Drug Related Sites 
Drug Policy AllianceDrug Policy Alliance
Reason.  Compassion.  Justice.
Drug War Facts
Just the Facts, but well sourced
  Radio Talk Show Sites 
The Rush Limbaugh Show
The Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies
The Reagan Information Interchange
The Very Independent Mike Reagan Radio Talk Show.
The Right Side Radio Show
A Conservative Lawyer and a Conservative Journalist... (no kidding!)
The Liddy Letter
The G-Man takes aim at liberals
  Expat and Sovereign Individual Sites 
Escape Artist Home Page
Planning to move offshore? Tons of info for prospective expats. This is a must see, even if not an expat.
The Sovereign Society
Protect your assets, 2nd passports, move offshore, become a PT and more
Expat World
Online magazine for expats and prospective expats
Escape From America
Great book for anyone thinking about or planning on moving offshore
How to Hide Your A$$et$ and Disappear
Bestselling book about protecting assets and even how to disappear
  Miscellaneous Sites 
Ron Paul's Freedom Watch
(Removed, when Ron Paul joined the "Blame America First" crowd)
The Libertarian Party The Libertarian Party
The Party of Principle
The CATO Institute
Conservative Think Tank
Fort Liberty
A good Liberty & Constitution site with plenty of good links.
The News Rating and Comment Clearinghouse
Is your news Bull or Bully?
Library of Congress Thomas Legislative Information Database
Search for Bills by bill number or included text
Conservative search engine
  Activism Sites 

Following are some of the many fine activism sites that we have found.  They each provide either a conservative view or a view into issues not found elsewhere.
(This is a new section that we are just starting to populate.)

bigpig - it's about freedom
British Weights & Measures - lbs/oz -vs- metric

  Non-Political Sites 
PTSD Self-Test
Due to the prevalence of PTSD in our society, particularly among veterans, we encourage you to take this PTSD Self-Test.
Full Timing the USA in a Motorhome
Learn what it's like to see the wonders of the USA from the seat of a Class "A" motorhome.
RV Inspector Pro
If you're buying or selling a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, you need it inspected by an NRVIA certified, professional RV inspector.
Golf Course 4BR Home for Sale in Oakhurst at Kingwood (Houston)
This beautiful golf course home was built in 2008 and has had only one owner, who is an obsessive compulsive engineer. It will be listed in January 2022.