Tax Freedom Day Clock 2011 now online.

The popular Tax Freedom Day Clocks have been updated to reflect the Tax Foundation's March 30 announcement of "Tax Freedom Day" for 2011. Tax Freedom Day is the day that the average US taxpayer has earned enough, since the first of the year, to pay all of his taxes for the year. The Tax Freedom Day Clocks count down the time till or since this year's Tax Freedom Day, which is April 12.

As a way to highlight how long we each must work, every year, just to pay our tax bill, takes the latest Tax Freedom Day data, calculated by the Tax Foundation ( and applies it to their popular Tax Freedom Day Clocks. "It's a way to use Tax Freedom Day to help keep up public awareness of how much Americans must pay in taxes, beyond the publicity that it gets in just the month or so, leading up to Tax Freedom Day", said ActionAmerica publisher, John Gaver. "These clocks just keep ticking and drawing attention to the problem all year long."

The Tax Freedom Day Clocks now exist in several formats, including a very popular web widget, a Macintosh Dashboard Widget and clocks found on the Tax and Economy section of, at .

The Tax Freedom Day Clocks count the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds leading up to Tax Freedom Day and once Tax Freedom Day has passed, they count the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, since your work started paying you, instead of the government.

"Due to different tax rates in each state, Tax Freedom actually occurs at a different time in each state and the Tax Freedom Day Clock represents only an average of all states," explained Gaver. Tax Freedom Day for each individual state may be found on the Tax Foundation web site ( is a popular, non-profit, conservative webzine, known for its uncompromising stand for the original intent of the Constitution, the Rule of Law and for fiscal conservatism. is also known for being a long term, outspoken supporter of the FairTax, as the only responsible, fair and revenue neutral replacement for the income tax and IRS.


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