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FDA Approved Spy Chips Linked to Animal Cancer!

John Gaver
September 8, 2007

John GaverA recent investigation by the Associated Press reveals that at the time the FDA approved for use in humans, spy chips manufactured by VeriChip Corp., there were already multiple published studies that revealed a very substantial link to cancer in lab animals. In some cases, the cancer actually grew to surround the chip capsule. Can you say, "Cover-Up"?

These studies are by no means, conclusive. However, they do demonstrate that a significant amount of further research needs to be done, before these spy chips should be even remotely considered for human use. Dr. Robert Benezra, head of the Cancer Biology Genetics Program at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York said, "There's no way in the world, having read this information, that I would have one of those chips implanted in my skin, or in one of my family members." Yet, this published information was available in January of 2005, when the FDA approved these spy chips for human use. Hmmm?

AP reported that the FDA has repeatedly refused their requests to specify which studies they reviewed in their approval process of the spy chips. In a written response to AP questions, Scott Silverman, VeriChip Corp. Chairman and CEO, said that the company was "not aware of any studies that have resulted in malignant tumors in laboratory rats, mice and certainly not dogs or cats." Of course, as we all know, the tobacco companies were not aware of the link between their product an lung cancer, either. Hmmm?

Interestingly, Tommy Thompson, who at the time of the VeriChip approval, headed the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the FDA, left his cabinet post two weeks later and within five months, was on the board of both VeriChip and its parent, Applied Digital Solutions. Hmmm?

This is just the beginning of this story, folks. This scandal could dwarf the tobacco companies cover-up of the link between tobacco and lung cancer. This is a product that was approved by the FDA, at a time when published scientific studies revealed a decided link between this product and cancer. Watch for lots more news on the spy chip cover-up. This story has real legs. We will try to update you here, as more news emerges. But, don't rely upon us alone. Everyone involved is now trying to protect his or her own backside, but the media now smells blood, so things could change fast. In the mean time, read the full story, up to now, here.

I know nothing about the level of financing behind VeriChip, but news like this could drop their stock price through the floor and sink a giant corporation. After all, much less damning news started the avalanche that sunk Enron.

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