The Parable of the Golden Goose

John Gaver
January 8, 2010

John GaverOur friend, Toronto attorney David Lesperance, created an excellent video parable to explain what happens, as the government continues to demand that the wealthy pay increasingly larger and disproportional amounts of tax, to pay for their unbridled spending and for transfers of wealth to those who are to lazy to go out and earn a living for themselves.

We hope you enjoy it.

This is only an animated parable. To learn what's really happening, read "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?" It's loaded with facts and figures, but written in easy-to-comprehend language, so even liberals can understand it.


Now that you've watched the parable the Flight of the Golden Geese, consider that since Obama took office and began his "Soak the Rich" agenda, formal expatriations of the wealthy have increased 13-fold. The following chart represents official renunciations of U.S citizenship, as recorded in the Federal Register; but only for those with $2,000,000 net worth on the day of expatriation or an income over $125,000 per year for the five years preceding expatriation, based on 2006 dollars and indexed to inflation.

America's golden geese are flying away at by far the fastest rate in history. The question that we should all be asking is, "Who will pay the 70% of the tax load that they currently pay, after they are gone?" After all, at the current rate of increase, we could easily lose half of that income group before Obama leaves office, if we don't stop his "Soak the Rich" agenda soon.


Read "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?"
to learn how this parable is playing out in the real world.


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