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Herb Meadows, AKA CHIEF Negotiator on the FreeRepublic Forum, died in an arson house fire on October 4, 2001.

Herb was a strong conservative on all fronts and specifically, an activist for the National Retail Sales Tax.  At the time of his death, he was the Internet Campaign Manager for Americans for Fair Taxation.  He was a former US Marine, who served with the 2nd Force Recon.  He was also a good friend to us, at Action America.



Folks, I know the wheels of justice turn slowly, but sometimes they get stuck!
It's time to get those wheels turning again!

There was a thread on Free Republic, where Herb had many FRiends, that were asking for an all out FReep by e-mail and telephone to find out why he died and how he died, but it was pulled by the moderator (JimRob), for reasons unknown and then reallowed a short time later, after the moderators thought better of it.

This article was first posted during that time that the FreeRepublic thread was pulled.  We have no idea if the FreeRepublic thread will stay active this time, or if it will be pulled again.  So, although we, at Action America, do not offer posting capabilities to visitors, we have decided to at least offer a static version of the key facts from that thread here, for those who are interested in getting the investigation into Herb's death off of high center.

If you want to know more, you can find a very long thread on FreeRepublic that, among other things, covers the latest information about the crime and the investigation or lack thereof, at:

If you knew Herb, know anyone who did know Herb or would just like to help, please act on this information right away and pass it along to others, who might be willing to help.

Let's don't let the bureaucrats push this under the rug!

The name is Herbert Paul Meadows.
The date of birth is 08-28-48.
The case number is 011612-F.

Below is a list of e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of people need to be contacted:

Houston Fire Department Arson Division - 713-865-9000.

Chief Kent of Arson Investigations - 713-551-2239.
Leo Gonzales - Detective - Arson Div. - 713-865-9055.
Tyrone Freeman - Detective - Arson Div. - 713-551-2214.

Houston Police Department

Main Number - 713-222-3131
Complaints Department - HPD - 713-308-0040
Citizen's Review Committee - HPD - 713-308-8939

Harris County Sheriff's Department

Detectives - 713-967-5810

District Attorney for Harris County

Charles Rosenthal -

Mayor's Office:

Mayor Bill White -

Houston City Council:

Mark Ellis-
Gordon Quan -
Shelly Sekula-Gibbs -
Ronald C. Green -
Michael Berry -
Toni Lawrence -
Carol Mims Galloway -
Mark Goldberg -
Ada Edwards -
Addie Wiseman -
M.J. Khan -
Pam Holm -
Adrian Garcia -
Carol Alvarado -


Houston Chronicle -
Houston Press -

Mix96 Radio:

Program Director feedback page
Larry and Bridget feedback page
Lori Bradley feedback page

Another source that might help us is KSEV Radio, the only conservative radio station in Houston.  I would suggest that Mike Richards would be a good place to start, since the CHIEF called his show often in the past.

Here is the KSEV contact info:

Main Switchboard:

(281) 588-4800

Mailing Address:

11451 Katy Freeway Ste. 215
Houston, TX 77079

Call-in numbers:

(281) 558-KSEV (5738)
Verizon Wireless Free Call: *KSEV

KSEV Emails
Dan Patrick
Mike Richards
Edd Hendee
Steve Drake
Ed Mattingly
Shared Mailbox


If you have further information that you think might be helpful, please contact us at

or use our Feedback Page.

We cannot allow officials to let this drop.  Act NOW!


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