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Huckabee Would Deny Americans
Rights to Dual Citizenship

John Gaver
January 2, 2008

John GaverIn yet another move against the rights of US citizens, Mike Huckabee now wants to deny American citizens the right to use a second passport.

"So, what's wrong with that?" you might ask. "Aren't those, who have two citizenships, being unpatriotic?"

The answer is simple. It has nothing to do with patriotism. Those Americans are just trying to protect themselves and possibly protecting their right to invest as they choose.

At first glance, Huckabee's attack on dual-citizenship seems aimed only at foreign-born Americans. In fact, it is a much more important issue for native-born Americans, who often acquire a second citizenship, in order to give themselves more travel and investment options.

First of all, according to several studies by travel organizations, a US passport is the second most dangerous passport that you can carry - right behind an Israeli passport. If you should ever find yourself in a hostage situation your chances of dying go up dramatically, if you are traveling on a US passport. Islamic terrorists will go after Israelis first, Americans second and Brits third. The simple solution for Americans, is to travel on a passport from another country - preferably a small, non-controversial country. In that case, you get to be one of the hostages who is freed, as a sign of good faith, instead of being shot, as an example of the terrorists' commitment.

There is a second related, but much less important travel issue, of which many Americans are quite familiar. When you travel on a US passport, in certain countries, the level of service available to you drops significantly. Try visiting Paris on a US passport. Even the best hotels will likely treat you with disdain. Compare that to the excellent treatment that they give other travelers. But, France is not the only country guilty of such actions. The point is that if you carry a US passport, there are many places in the world where you will be treated as a second class guest.

Finally, US law prohibits US citizens from investing in certain very lucrative investments that are available to the rest of the world. It's not like those investments are not secure. In fact, many have a far better track record than most similar US securities. Our government doesn't want US citizens to be able to take advantage of such lucrative foreign investments, not because they are trying to protect us, but because they are protecting their friends on Wall Street, who don't get their piece of such investments. They want to force American investors to deal with Wall Street only. As a result, because of US pressure, most foreign brokers will not deal with US citizens.

Once again, the solution is to hold a second passport and then invest as a citizen of that other country. Now, I certainly don't advocate breaking US law. But, I also realize that many Americans believe that an immoral law should not be obeyed, just like immoral orders from a military superior should not be obeyed (Re: Nuremberg). There is certainly nothing moral about denying millions of US citizens the opportunity to make a decent profit, for no better reason than to favor a handful of US stock brokers.

Once again, Mike Huckabee has shown that he just shoots from the hip and doesn't think through complex issues. In a weak attempt to make us forget his very poor record on immigration issues, he is now trying to look strong on those issues. But, as on so many other complex issues, he completely failed to consider that many native-born US citizens carry a second passport for very good reason.



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