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Meeting the McCain Challenge

John Gaver
February 7, 2008

John GaverWhile we are vociferously opposed to John McCain's candidacy, we don't want it to be said that we haven't given him a fair chance. So in that regard, we have decided to respond to his request, uttered at a Phoenix news conference on Wednesday, that conservatives "...just calm down a little bit and see if there's areas we can agree on.'' Ignoring the poor grammar (mine may not be great, but even children educated in public schools know to not end a sentence with a preposition), we took that as a challenge.

Let's look at where most conservatives stand on a variety of issues and compare that with McCain's positions on those same issues. For this purpose, I will use reports from the most recent polls on each subject.

Bush Tax Cuts Broad support Voted against Bush Tax Cuts twice
Amnesty Broad opposition Co-authored McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill
Same-Sex Marriage Broad opposition Opposed Marriage Amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage
War in Iraq Broad support Strong support
Guantanamo Terrorist Detainment Broad support Will close Guantanamo detainment camp, move terrorists to US soil and give them the same rights as you and I enjoy. Would he punish soldiers who aided in water-boarding???
First Amendment Broad support Co-authored McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill (often referred to as the "Incumbent Protection Bill"), that denies activists freedom of political speech
Second Amendment Broad support Has an "F-" rating from the Gunowners of America - 'nuff said
Conservative Judges Broad support Conspired with Democrats to form the Gang of 14, to block Bush's most conservative judges and also voted for liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Drilling in the Anwar Broad support Cast the deciding "NO" vote on drilling in the Anwar and leans toward the Gore position on global warming
Trustworthiness Demand Claims that he does not support amnesty, even though he co-authored a major amnesty bill. He thinks that by calling it "Orderly Immigration," we won't realize that it is Amnesty. If you still trust him, just read the bill. Also claims that he never called Alito "too conservative," despite reports from numerous credible people who heard him say just that.

In fact, on those occasions when McCain does vote with Republicans, it is most often on issues where the vote is not even close and on those occasions when he votes with Democrats, his is often the the deciding vote or one of only a few deciding votes. As I have stated before, that's like a baseball player getting all of his singles, when there are no men in scoring position and striking out every time the bases are loaded.

Furthermore, although he brags about his 82.3 lifetime ACU rating, that means little for a man who has been in office for 20 years. To begin with, the lifetime ACU rating for all GOP Senators, as of 2006, is 84.5, which puts McCain below average for Republican Senators. In fact, among all 100 Senators, that puts him in 40th place.

But, it gets much worse. McCain was much more conservative in his early years, than he is today. In 2006, his ACU rating was only a very poor 65. Then, consider that the average ACU rating for all Senate Republicans, in 2006, was 80.8. By the way, that puts McCain in 45th place, out of 100 senators or near the very bottom of the GOP pack, along with the likes of Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chafee. How conservative is that?

Now, we challenge McCain or any of his liberal supporters to show us any other issues important to conservatives, besides the War in Iraq, where he is on the same side as conservatives.

So now that Mitt Romney, the last real conservative in the race, has dropped out, what are real conservatives to do? Both McCain and Huckabee are very liberal, except on a very limited few issues. Obviously, Ron Paul can't be considered, since not only is he a marginal candidate, he has joined the "Blame America First" crowd. It leaves us in a real quandary.

I find myself in a position of which I never believed possible. I may actually have to vote Democrat, in order to help save the Republican Party.

You read it right. I would even vote for Hillary, in order to keep McCain from winning the presidency and destroying what little Dubya has left of the GOP.

I know that the idea of voting Democrat is just so obnoxious to some conservatives that they couldn't vote Democrat, even if the Republican nominee was Adolph Hitler, reincarnate. I have to respect that commitment, so for those people, rather than vote for McCain, we recommend that you sit out that race, in the general election. As for me, I will take an option that I have always railed against. I will vote for the lesser evil. If McCain is the GOP nominee, I will vote Democrat.

The reason is simple. A McCain presidency will doom the GOP. I will vote Democrat, before I will do anything that will so certainly destroy our party.

For more on this, I refer you to this Ann Colter article.



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