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McCain is Nowhere Near Conservative

John Gaver
February 3, 2008

John GaverIf the recent polls are to be believed, John McCain is apparently fooling a lot of conservatives into believing that he is conservative. This of course, has been aided by the liberal media, who see him as a reasonable Republican alternative to having Hillary or Obama in the Whitehouse.

In fact, McCain repeatedly cites his lifetime ACU (American Conservative Union) rating of 82.3%, as proof that he is conservative. However, there are two things wrong with that inference.

First of all, 82.3% just isn't that high. In 2006, that put him at position 39, in the Senate. To put that into perspective, remember that there are only 49 Republicans in the Senate. To be 39 of 49 is not that great. For comparison, two other GOP candidates, who have already dropped out, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredeo, have lifetime ACU ratings of 92.0 and 97.8, respectively.

But, a lifetime rating, for someone who has been in the Senate for 24 years can be misleading. In fact, for John McCain, it is very misleading. In the most recent ratings year, 2006, McCain's ACU rating was a very poor 65. That puts him just barely ahead of Democrat Senator Ben Nelson (NE), whose ACU rating was 64. Several House Democrats actually ranked substantially higher than McCain (Boren-OK at 72, Marshall-GA at 72 and Melancon-LA at 76, to name just a few). The average rating for all Senate Republicans is 89.2. Suddenly McCain's 65 rating looks even worse.

But, we can't stop there. It gets much worse. John McCain actually co-authored the McCain-Feingold Bill (Campaign Finance Reform) and the McCain-Kennedy Bill (Amnesty for Illegal Aliens). Both were widely scorned by conservatives. Yet, despite his recent active support for Amnesty, McCain now tries to make us believe that he is on our side, by telling us that the McCain-Kennedy Bill did not really contain Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Hello??? I wonder what he has been smoking.

I suppose that he has been dealing with liberals for so long that he forgot that he is now dealing with conservatives, who can actually read. Speaking of reading, I invite you to read it for yourself, by clicking here. To read the amnesty portion, scroll down to Title III and click on Section 301. It's in there, in black and white. It's AMNESTY and McCain not only authored it, but he now denies that his bill contained any amnesty. That not only puts him on the wrong side of amnesty, but makes him untrustworthy, as well.

But, McCain's liberalism doesn't end there. He made a back-room deal with the Democrats to break a deadlock on Bush's judicial nominations. He voted against a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. And, to top it off, he voted against the Bush tax cuts. Are these the actions of a conservative?

A closer look at McCain's votes shows a remarkable pattern. He most often votes conservative on bills where a win is predestined and the wrong way, when there is only one or two votes needed for conservatives to win. I read a relevant analogy somewhere that this would be like a baseball player getting all of his singles, when there were no men in scoring position and striking out every time the bases were loaded.

I, for one, am a conservative who will never vote for McCain, under any circumstance.

I would rather see a Democrat in office, than McCain. Why, you ask? Let me give you just one example. If McCain, as a Republican, pushes another amnesty bill at Congress, its chance of passage is a lot greater than if Clinton or Obama were to push the exact same bill. When Bill Clinton was president, Republicans proved that they were willing to stand up to and defeat a liberal Democrat president. Conversely, while Bush has been president, they have knuckled under to many of Bush's liberal initiatives.

If the best Republicans can do is to nominate a RINO, like McCain, then I would rather see a ranting and raving liberal Democrat in the Whitehouse, so our GOP congresscritters will once again develop a backbone. We need at least one branch of government to be conservative and if McCain wins, we will have none, since the Republicans in Congress have proven that they have no taste for standing up to a RINO president.

Update: Within a few hours after posting this article, I had received several angry emails from people who asked how a conservative could support a Democrat over McCain? Then I got an email that made me feel vindicated. I learned that conservatine columnist/author, Ann Coulter has taken the same position on McCain, as I. In other words, she has pledged to fight McCain all the way to inauguration, if need be, even if it means electing Hillary. Her reasoning was essentially the same as mine. She believes that McCain would "co-opt Republicans" in congress, in a way that Hillary could not. Read the article here. The plain fact is that a McCain presidency would rip the soul out of the GOP, in a way that even Bush has not been able to achieve.



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