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Some Conservatives Lose Focus
Over McCain Smear Piece

John Gaver
February 23, 2008

John GaverAfter the New York Times tried to suggest that John McCain had an illicit affair with a lobbyist, some conservatives have lost focus and are moving to support him. Let's be clear about this.

The Times article is clearly a non-issue. Sure, it was a hit piece and we should say so. But it is not an issue. The issue on which conservatives should focus, is McCain's liberal politics.

Let's clear the air. McCain was a Viet Nam POW. He should be respected for his military duty to his nation. McCain has been attacked by the New York Times. It was an unfounded attack and we should ignore it. But these things have absolutely nothing to do with McCain's qualifications or more properly, lack of qualifications to be president of the United States of America.

Let's keep our FOCUS, conservatives.

We can respect McCain's military record and decry unfounded attacks against him, without it affecting how we feel about him as a candidate. Even though the New York TImes is attacking him, it doesn't change the fact, even in the slightest, that John McCain is a liberal.

It's about the candidate's positions on the issues.

McCain is a liberal. When he was first elected, 24 years ago, he was rather conservative. But, over the years, he has moved further and further to the left, till in 2006, he had an ACU (American Conservative Union) rating of only 65. Keep in mind that the average ACU rating for all GOP senators, in 2006, was 80.8. With a 65 ACU rating, that puts McCain in 45th place in the Senate. As I have pointed out before, that's down there with the likes of Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chafee.

John McCain has an even lower Gun Owners of America rating ("F-") than Barack Obama ("F").

Worse yet, McCain is well known to be a person prone to outbursts of rage. Is this the kind of person we want representing the United States, in top level diplomacy? Is this the kind of person we want representing the Republican Party, on a national scale?

We conservatives cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from the real issues, by a paper tiger, regardless of how much publicity it gets. We cannot allow our natural compassion for someone who has been the subject of an unsubstantiated press hit piece, to distract us from what must be done to save our nation and our party.

Neither the party nor the nation can afford another big-government Republican president, co-opting otherwise conservative Republican congressmen. Those Republican congressmen, who would fight Clinton or Obama on their liberal judges, would obediently confirm McCain's liberal judges. The damage to the GOP and the nation would be immeasurable and long-lasting.

We must keep our focus on the real issues. The GOP is on the brink of implosion. If John McCain becomes president, he will co-opt congressional Republicans and pass far more pieces of liberal legislation than Clinton or Obama could ever hope to get past those same Republicans. He will nominate liberal judges and intimidate Republican senators into confirming them. The GOP would collapse and with it, the last hope for our nation, for many years to come.

Let's keep our focus, conservatives. We must keep McCain from winning the presidency. We must save our party and what little Bush has left of the Constitution.

Our McCain Discontent Poll clearly shows that more than enough conservatives are willing to step up to the plate, to save our party and our nation. We can do it, just as long as we don't lose focus.



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