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McCain Discontent Poll
Is conservative discontent really a problem?

Poll Closed February 25, 2008
Target Sample: 500 votes
Actual Sample: 502 votes
Time Period: 6.5 days

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There has been a lot of conservative discontent expressed against John McCain's candidacy, since he effectively locked up the GOP nomination. Focus on Family founder, Dr. James Dobson, has said that with McCain as the GOP candidate, he will sit out the presidential election, this year. On February 3, ActionAmerica announced our support for either Democrat candidate, over McCain. Our decision was validated the next day, when conservative columnist and Fox News contributor, Ann Coulter, announced that she is now endorsing Hillary Clinton. Many other well known conservatives have taken similar stances.

All of this raises a question. How much effect is this having on conservatives voters? Will this cause a backlash?

This is not a scientific poll. However, since a majority of our hits comes from red states and almost all of our site feedback is from conservatives, we believe that the vast majority of our readers are conservative. That means that baring any overt effort to attract liberal voters to this site, any poll on this site is going to attract primarily conservative voters. Therefore, we decided that we should query our mostly conservative readers on this subject, so as to get an idea of how conservatives really feel.

For this poll we use multiple means to insure that each person can vote only once. Let us know how you feel and ask your conservative friends to vote in this poll.

If John McCain is the GOP nominee for president, how will you vote in the general election?

Poll Closed February 25, 2008
after reaching target sample of 500 votes.

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