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Flat Tax vs Fair Tax vs Tax the States

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We call this the "Ultimate Tax Reform Poll," because we didn't just create a poll and select options, based upon our own unfounded beliefs, but rather, we conducted our own much broader poll, with every conceivable option, to determine what options were even worth including in a narrowly focused poll. That first poll revealed something that we did not expect.

For the first two weeks in January, we asked our readers, "What kind of tax reform will serve all Americans best?" In that poll, we included every reasonable and even some unreasonable options, so as to confirm our belief that the only two options that had any real support were the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax, before posting a poll that included just those two options.

As it turned out, another option surprised us and essentially tied for second place in that poll. So to be fair, our follow-up poll included three options, the Flat Tax, the Fair Tax and Taxing the States. Also from that earlier poll, nobody wanted to keep the current progressive income tax, without any changes and only a handful wanted to keep the progressive income tax, in any form, so did not include keeping the current system as an option in this poll.

We encouraged everyone to understand each of the options, before voting. In that regard, we included the following brief descriptions of each option. Furthermore, to avoid bias, we also provided links to the sites of the most significant advocates of the Flat Tax and the Fair Tax. There is no site of which we are aware that advocates for taxing the states, so we attempted to explain that option the best that we could. The order of the options in this poll were determined by a random number generator.

Before moving on to the poll question, we asked respondents to remember that this question only concerns tax collection and has nothing to do with how the money collected is spent. That's an entirely different issue. So here is the question that we posed.

Keeping in mind that regardless of tax method implemented, the amount collected will have to be roughly the same, if you had to choose between the following three methods of tax collection, which do you think will benefit all taxpayers most?

The Flat Tax
The Fair Tax
Tax the States, by apportionment

Poll Closed 1/27/07 @ 12:00AM CST


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